AGU Vegan Specialties

AGU is excited to announce a collaboration with Chef Megumi to create delicious one-of-a-kind vegetarian and vegan dishes. Read more about Chef Megumi below and see our menu for special vegan dishes.

Chef Megumi

My name is Megumi and I was born in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo I was a professional food stylist who designed elegant meal settings for magazines, television programs, and other productions. In Hawaii I founded Peace Café, the first vegan restaurant in Honolulu. Then I sold Peace Café and started Satori, a pop up restaurant at the Soto Mission Zen temple, serving up authentic “Shojin Ryori” Zen–style vegan meals in the wabi minimalist tradition inspired by the Japanese aesthetics of beauty as graceful simplicity. Also, I started Green Garden vegan food truck service in the sustainability court on the campus of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. On March 6, 2022 I opened a new upscale restaurant called Vegan Hills.

My original vegan recipes are inspired from travelling all over the world to taste the cuisine of different cultures, such as Italy, France, Vietnam, Indonesia, Korea, India, etc., as well as Japan. Also, my soul is always travelling to many countries. I receive heavenly inspiration from above guiding me to prepare magical new creations for my family, my friends and my customers! My mission is to spread the vegan lifestyle everywhere. The vegan lifestyle is a simple, easy and natural way to maintain the health of the body, the welfare of animals, and the conservation of nature. I hope that through my vegan dishes everyone can get a taste of nirvana! Please everyone travel with me to new countries by our Vegan Hills’ airline.