February 01, 2022

What wines validate and compliment the intricate flavors of AGU's ramen and other specialties? Only wines of comparable complexity will do.

AGU now proudly serves both Kenzo Asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc, Winner of the 2014 Vivino Wine Style Awards and Yui, A sensual Rose of Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Malbec.

Kenzo Asatsuyu Sauvignon Blanc 2013 was selected to receive a Vivino Wine Style Award in Recognition of outstanding Achievement amongst fierce competition in the category, Californian Sauvignon Blanc, for the year 2014 by 8 million wine drinkers worldwide.

Displaying true Sauvignon Blanc varietal character, the thirst-quenching acidity of this wine is marked by perfumes of citrus and peach, and flavors of ripe honeydew, melon and guava, with hints of minerality and soft undertones of sweet oak.

Yui, the Japanese word which corresponds to the Unity between things. The 2014 Kenzo Estate Yui was the first in which Malbec was added to the blend. Contributing brilliant color and bright fruit notes of melon, orange zest and persimmon, the Malbec was a welcomed addition to the 2014 Yui. This vintage of Yui strikes a delicate balance between linear acidity and mouth coating richness. A beautiful light coral pink color, this wine is pleasing to the eyes as well as the nose. The perfect wine to greet guests with at your home.