Satisfied with nothing less than excellence?

You might be a candidate for AGU.

We're looking for a few sharp individuals to join the AGU team as we strive to become the foremost ramen shop in Hawaii & Texas!

Do you have a passion for cooking and would like to learn the art of making the best authentic Ramen?

Agu, a Ramen Bistro is working in collaboration with KCC to support their Culinary Arts Program.

You'll complete your internship hours, develop your knife, cooking, organizational and multitasking skills to prepare yourself for a career as a successful culinarian—while working at one of the top restaurants on the Island!

To apply for this fantastic opportunity please email

You may also download the application and bring it to an AGU location.

(International students have the potential to be sponsored as well.)

Current Openings

  • BOH
  • Kitchen Manager
  • Kitchen Supervisor
  • Line Cook
  • Prep Cook/Dishwasher
  • FOH
  • Manager
  • Server