+2.75 KAEDAMA Extra serving of noodles (Noodles Only)
+4.50 XL SIZE Got a BIG APPETITE? Order an extra large size and get double your noodles for any ramen and a bit more broth.

(All Hot Ramen Not Available for Take Out)

We use the best JIDORI chicken for the perfect combination of
healthy and delicious for our lightest yet flavorful soup

  Get your order in quick for Agu's prime Jidori Ramen. Preparation is limited to ensure freshness!

All jidori ramen is served with slightly thick smooth Tokyo style chijire noodles which
absorb the perfect amount of tasty assari jidori broth and topped off with fresh house made char siu,
aji tamago, crunchy menma, fresh negi & nori

12.75 SHOYU JIDORI refreshing, well balanced and rich in umami.
12.75 SHIO JIDORI delicate salt flavored chicken soup perfect for a light meal
13.75 YUZU JIDORI RAMEN Our delicate Shoyu Jidori both enhanced with Yuzu pepper,
for those who enjoy our Jidori but crave a slightly spicy kick
(*All Hot Ramen Not Available for Take Out)

Our Tonkotsu broth is cooked daily for 18 hours with dedication and Aloha

All tonkotsu ramen is served with traditional thin Hakata style noodles prepsared al dente specifically to absorb just the right amount of our flavorful rich creamy tonkotsu broth. Each bowl is topped off with fresh house made char siu, aji tamago*, crunchy menma, fresh negi & sesame seeds.

12.25 SHIO fresh ocean flavors from Hawaiian sea salt & dried konbu
12.25 SHOYU our bonito infused shoyu tare served with black sesame paste
13.75 MISO a traditional, rich and hearty broth full of robust flavors with a unique blend of miso
18.75 RAFUTE TONKOTSU RAMEN our tender, stewed pork belly served over our bonito infused shoyu tonkotsu with black sesame paste
(All Hot Ramen Not Available for Take Out)
12.75 ORIGINAL KOTTERI Extra rich broth made with a black garlic oil, garlic & silky se-abura
15.75 AGU'S SAVORY PARMESAN A creamy, velvety, full flavored broth that is made from the finest ingredients and topped over with a generous amount of freshly grated parmesan cheese for an added twist of flavor
15.75 BARI KOTE This extremely rich and flavorful broth is composed of fresh garlic, black garlic oil, silky se-abura and garlic butter
 Can't decide? Give this a try?
19.75 INNOVATIVE HOT MESS The gratifying result of our everything 'INCLUDING the kitchen sink' concoction of Agu's Savory Parmesan & Bari Kote ingredients
(All Hot Ramen Not Available for Take Out)
12.75 SPICY TONKOTSU  please specify your desired spice level
13.25 SPICY  KOTTERI TONKOTSU please specify your desired spice level
*Levels 1-2 are mildly spicy.
*Levels 3-5 add our fresh blend of mixed spices to the broth for that extra kick of spiciness for those who love spicy.
Epic Spicy Level: Never Spicy Enough?
Try this Epic level, so hot it’s unmeasurable!
If you can’t handle Level 5, this is not for you.
 4.75 PIRI KARA MENMA crunchy bamboo shoot marinated with our secret spicy sauce and a bit of sesame oil
 5.75 AGU GYOZA 6pcs ground pork, cabbage & nira. Made fresh daily!
 5.75 KICKED UP FRIES golden, piping hot french fries, seasoned with a blended combination of  cajun spice mix and served with our luscious volcano sauce
 6.50 FRIED MIMIGA thin slices of pig's ears, deep fried to a crunchy perfection and paired with our original spicy volcano sauce
 6.75 KUROBUTA PORK SAUSAGE fried to enhance the distinctive snap in first juicy bite & and served with dijon mustard
 6.75 CHEEK - BU - CROQUETTE delectable handbreaded dumplings of pork cheeks combined with onions and deep fried to a perfect crispiness
 6.75 JIDORI NANKOTSU tender pieces of Jidori chicken cartilage, dusted in flour and deep fried for a perfectly crispy bite
 6.75 JIDORI SUNAGIMO - delightfully clean in taste and crunchy in texture, these Jidori chicken gizzards are lightly fried and plated with thinly sliced cabbage. The perfect accompaniment to any of our ramen and a nice cold sake or beer!
 6.75 JIDORI KAWA crispy fried chicken skin, served with our very own Okinawan ponzu sauce
 6.75 BAN BAN JI KURAGE Noodle like slices of crunchy jelly fish, marinated in our mildly spicy sesame sauce, tossed with cucumbers and a touch of chili
 6.75 AGUcini a unique arancini, inspired by one of our most popular ramen. Rice and the makings of the Hot Mess are sauteed and rolled in panko to create a delightfully crunchy exterior for the rich and creamy filling. served with seasonal fruit salsa.
10.75 KARAAGE a contemporary Japanese recipe of moist and tender crispy fried chicken served with Okinawan Shikwasa Ponzu sauce
10.75 TORI NANBAN our rendition of  "Miyazaki" style fried chicken, dipped in a sweet soy vinegarette, served with homemade tartar sauce
10.75 OKINAWAN RAFUTE succulent poirk belly stewed in a rich and tasty glaze until the flavors have been infused into the chopstick tender slices.

Limited preparation!

 4.75 SWEET CORN Freshly harvested corn slathered in your choice of Garlic butter or our unique Teriyaki butter
10.75 OKINAWAN TEBICHI Pig's feet slowly braised in a fragrant sauce resulting in chopstick tender succulent pieces of goodness.
11.25 TEBICHI KARAAGE Our tender pig's feet dusted and deep fried to perfection
19.75 TEBICHI TONKOTSU RAMEN Chopstick tender awamori and ginger braised Okinawan pig's feet served over our bonito infused shoyu tonkotsu with black sesame paste

  9.25 CHAR SIU DONBURI tender, slow cooked, char siu served over rice and topped with green onions. Small 5.75
 12.50 KARAAGE DON  A Japanese contemporary style chicken, fried extra crispy till moist and tender, served over a bed of rice and served with Okinawan shikwasa ponzu sauce
 12.75 BUTA CURRY RICE  Agu's authentic, full-flavored Japanese pork curry, prepared fresh daily and slowly cooked to it's perfect tenderness. Served with fukujinzuke. Small 7.75
 13.25 OKINAWAN RAFUTE DONBURI Tender, stewed pork belly served over rice
 17.50 CHEESE CURRY RICE  Agu's tender and flavorful buta curry under a mountain of fluffy shaved parmesan cheese. served with fukujinzuke
 18.50 KARAAGE CURRY RICE Our house buta curry with crispy and juicy Japanese fried chicken. served with fukujinzuke


5.50 ASAHI DRAFT 10.5oz Glass
8.50 ORION 21oz  Bottle Original beer imported from Okinawa    
6.50 SUNTORY PREMIUM MALTS 11.3 oz features a delicate floral aroma and a rich, quality taste. It is born of carefully selected pure ingredients using original brewing methods, in pursuit of the perfect beer.
9.00 ECHIGO KOSHIHIKARI 500ml Water and Koshihikari rice local to the Niigata region, site of Echigo Beer Co. Brewery in Japan, give this clean, crisp lager a sense of the region in which it was crafted. its lack of malted barley or wheat makes it naturally gluten-free
6.00 MIRASSOU PINOT GRIGIO, 5oz glass  Crisp, intense aromas and flavor of white peaches, baked apples and juicy pear with notes of citrus
Bottle - 28.00
6.75 GARNET PINOT NOIR, 5oz glass  Elegant, lush body and silky texture. Aromas include ripe blackberry, cherry preserve, vanilla hazlenut and toasted French oak
Bottle - 31.75
6.50 CUPCAKE MERLOT, 5oz glass  Full bodied, smooth, cocoa, spice and expresso
Bottle - 30.50
15.00 IICHIKO, 200 ml, Iichiko shochu is a genuine distilled spirit produced from carefully selected barley and water drawn from a pure spring deep beneath the earth. It's refreshing flavor and crystal clear taste embody essence of Japanese refinement.
18.00 IICHIKO BAR FRUITS, YUZU, 375ml Is a liquor made of Iichiko genshu (concentrate) with added natural fruit juice. This liquor is made without any additives to create a natural taste
14.50 STRAWBERRY NIGORI, 300 ml  The mild and creamy Nigori Sake combined with fresh sweet and sour strawberry juice create a unique and luscious flavor
17.00 KIKUSUI 300ml  Using the Exquisitely Gohyakumangoku Rice, Kikusui Ginjo is Fermented for an Extended Period at a low Temperature. Mild and Easy to Drink with a Soft Texture and Light Fruity Aroma


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